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Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Wind is Ireland’s primary source of renewable energy.
  • Harnessing the wind means reducing Ireland’s dependence on expensive, imported fossil fuels like oil
    and coal.
  • Wind generation is proven, reliable technology. Wind farms have been operating in Ireland since 1992.
  • Wind generated energy accounted for 15.3% of electricity demand in Ireland in 2012[2] and approximately 18% in 2013[3]. The national target for electricity generated from renewable sources is 40% by 2020.
  • Wind will be the main driver in the transformation to a low carbon energy future and will contribute to the South Tipperary goal to have 20% of its energy supply produced in the county from renewable energy sources.
  • Wind generated electricity in the Republic of Ireland is estimated to have saved 586 ktoe of fossil fuels and a CO2 emissions reduction of 1.51 million tonnes.
  • Savings from wind generation in the Republic of Ireland in 2012 are estimated at €177 million in fossil fuels and €11million in CO2 emissions.
  • The total fossil-fuel generation displaced by renewable electricity generation in the Republic of Ireland in 2012 is equivalent to the electricity demand of 780,000 Irish households.

Sources: [2]Normalised actual figure from Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland report: Quantifying Ireland’s Fuel and CO2 Emissions Savings from Renewable Electricity in 2012, Page 1 & [3]Provisional figure from EirGrid.