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    Community Participation and Consultation

How will the local community be consulted?

DunoAir is committed to local community participation in the Carrigadoon Wind Park project. It is vital that renewable energy projects are planned with the input of the local community. Important information and feedback provided by those who know the area best serves to inform the project team and can influence how a project develops.


Click here to download the latest Community Update Brochure.


Community consultation on the Carrigadoon Wind Park project has been underway since mid-July 2014 and included the publication of a number of community updates and a public information day held in Carrick-on-Suir on 19th September 2014.


A telephone information line, email service and project website are still in operation. The project team continues to be available to discuss all aspects of the project with members of the public.


Useful feedback was received during the recent consultation and, together with the findings of the environmental studies underway, has informed the development of the planning application and Environmental Impact Statement.


What Community Benefit measures are being put in place?

A key priority for us is to ensure that residents living close to the wind park benefit from the project. The project team has consulted with local and national energy agencies in order to determine a best practice approach for community benefit. We have studied other community benefit approaches in Co. Tipperary, elsewhere in Ireland and in Europe.

We have proposed a community benefit scheme to contain the two initiatives below and we welcome your feedback:


Community Fund
DunoAir will contribute €25,000 annually to a fund to be administered by the local community over the
project lifetime (30 years).


Community Turbine Co-ownership Investment Opportunity
In what is a new departure for a developer-led project in Ireland, DunoAir will put in place a community turbine shared-ownership investment opportunity. This will provide the opportunity for members of the local community to participate in the project and become co-owner of one turbine.


An investment of €500 will secure one share returning a minimum guaranteed 4% annual dividend. Investors within a 4km radius of the site will receive an additional 1% neighbour bonus. An annual productivity bonus will be also paid subject to the generation performance of the community turbine.


The community benefit scheme will be put in place should the planning application be successful.