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    Project Location

How was the proposed site selected?

The site proposed for the development of the Carrigadoon Wind Park is described as an “area open for consideration” in the South Tipperary County Development Plan. DunoAir has an offer in place to connect into the grid at the Ballydine substation under the Gate-3 connection process. Favourable wind speeds at Carrigadoon Hill and Curraghadobbin Hill mean that, with the right technology, significant amounts of clean electricity can be generated at this location.

There is sufficient space to accommodate eight 3MW turbines on the hillsides taking all wind energy guidelines into account. This is a map of the preliminary proposed turbine locations which will be subject to technical and environmental assessments. We would like to get your feedback on the proposed locations.

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CarrigadoonWindPark_PreliminaryTrubineLocations_Sept 2014

The map below shows the location of the temporary meteorological mast.

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